Are You Willing?

Jai Bhagwan!

OMHave you ever not tried?  Have you ever given up before you even started?  Most of us have at one time or another.  Why?  Is it because we are too afraid of failing?  Yes and the great irony is that by not trying because we fear failing, we have already failed.  Think of your fears and you will find that they are all either fear of death or fear of failure.  Fear of failure is like driving with a parking break on, the difficulty is that most of us don’t realize we are driving with the break on.  Others of us realize the break is on but do not know how to overcome the fear of failure.  The answer, however, is quite simple and remarkably powerful:  Be willing to fail.

I am not suggesting that we should accept mediocrity, no.  Do you level best in whatever you do and be willing to accept everything, even failure.  Be willing to fail.  It is tempting to believe that this is easier to say than it is to do.  I am beginning to suspect that this is not really the case.  Being willing to fail takes less effort and less energy than constantly worrying about failure.