Part B, Day 1

Jai Bhagwan!

I am sitting in the dining area at the Amrit Yoga Institute as I write this.  I arrived in Florida yesterday at 11:30 AM.  Waited in the airport for Ginger to arrive so we could carpool here from the airport.  While I waited, I looked up and saw three lovely faces:  Anita, Helen and Linda were walking down the stairs toward the baggage claim where Ginger would be collecting her baggage.  What a wonderful surprise to see these three lovely ladies!  Warm hugs and friendly hellos abounded.  Not long after this treat, Ginger arrived and we quickly found her luggage.  We bid our friends a fond and short farewell—we would be seeing them again that evening.  In short order, Ginger and I had our luggage stowed in the rental car and were making our way into the Ocala Forest and the Amrit Yoga Institute.

It has been a marvelous reunion so far and I have savored every moment of it.  I’m rooming with Scott and Benji again but this time we’re in the west end ground floor of the main house.  I realize that it has been a whole summer since I was here last but, now that I am here, it is as if I never left.  It is, in a sense, as if I’ve come home.

Rather than practice in the darshan room with the others this morning, I went out to the tent and practiced there.  Movements were slow, holding was not extended but prolonged, I still feel the effects of holding each posture for such a prolonged and intense time.  It is interesting that I do not feel weakness despite continuing to fast, I feel only quiet peace and rest, full of life and joy.

On a final note, Shanna mentioned on Tuesday night that I did not seem excited about coming back here and she was right:  I was not excited.  Allow me to clarify that statement, I was not excited because it was not time to be excited.  Had I allowed myself to be, I could have been very excited and giddy about this return trip but that would have served no useful purpose.  As I left work yesterday, I immediately became excited about coming here but not so much that I could not enjoy a nice dinner with my beautiful wife after watching a movie.  Moderation, brahmacharya, allows one to feel all the emotion of the moment without having to be overwhelmed by it.  It allows one to enjoy the flavors of life rather than having one flavor rule the entire day.  The meal you eat in the morning is not the meal you eat at night, enjoy them both but forget them both while eating lunch.