A Challenge and a Response

EDY Blog LogoFirst, the challenge:  I’ve read in a number of places that it takes 30—or a number very similar to that—days to form a habit.  I would have to say that 30 days of repeated activity creates only the seed of a habit and with that in mind, I am issuing a challenge to you, my dear readers, to set a goal to practice Yoga for not 30 days but 30 weeks.  You can do it, I can do it and we can do it together.  In order to make my own challenge goal easier to track, I will begin counting from the 6th of October.  If you are taking up the challenge, leave a comment on this entry with your start date and goal and I’ll add it to my Challengers page.  My own Challenge Goal is to practice a minimum of 1 hour six days a week for 30 weeks.

Yoga MoneyYesterday I wrote about my concerns over the Wellsphere Terms of Use laying claim to ownership to all content published on their site whether posted there directly or gathered via RSS feeds.  Well, I received a response from Mr. Geoffrey Rutledge last night.  My concern was specifically about the claim of ownership by Wellsphere but that is the one topic not mentioned in the response.  Mr Rutledge went so far as to give me his office phone number with an invitation to review my concerns directly.  As I have already removed my Everyday Yoga Blog entries from the Wellsphere site, I am going to give myself a few days to mull over his response before taking any further action.  My gut reaction, however, is to just avoid the situation completely.  I am going to hold back on publishing the next few days’ worth of entries until I am sure that Wellsphere is no longer siphoning content via my RSS feed and to give me time to meditate upon what course of action I should take.