A Classy Update

lotusI am just loving teaching at the community center!  Wednesday’s class was much better than Monday’s.  This was in part due to being in a room with superior acoustics and with my being much more relaxed.  I also stood in for the instructor in this morning’s class and it was even better than the previous two.  Everyone was more relaxed and much more open.  I have high hopes that I will see the same students returning next week, although I am quite positive that I’ll see Fred—he’s been to all three classes—next week.  Talking with the department head, everyone seems to know Fred and he really seems to add something to every class he takes.  What have I learned from this?  Nothing new really but it has reinforced that how the instructor approaches the class has a huge impact on the way the class runs.  When I was anxious, the class as very tense but as I became comfortable with the environment and being the instructor the class quickly became more open and at ease.