Wellsphere, Wellness and Weekends

Yoga WorldSo, I have been puttering around the Wellsphere site—you can have a gander at my profile—and so far I’m liking what I see despite the fact the site is so very busy looking.  The great irony about the site is that it is wellness based and no sooner did I tell Larisa that I’d participate than I came down with a slow moving, gut wrenching bug.  I left work early Wednesday, stayed home Thursday—I slept most of Thursday away—and then I started to feel somewhat better Friday.

The end result of my bout with illness was that the early session on Saturday was extremely difficult for me.  Most of the session was spent in restorative poses, although that seemed to be just fine with my wife and daughter.  By the time the second session started, I felt full of energy and strength which was a good thing as there were actually three people in the second hour!