Weighty Matters

If you fail the Awareness Test as most people do, then it’s also possible that you missed the addition to the calendar on the right.  The calendar now tracks my current weight in pounds as well.  I’ve been doing this on my board at work and having moderate success at maintaining my general progress toward dropping to 165.  My current weight is 184 and that is down from 193 in January.  No, I’m not terribly over-weight but my family has a rampant history of diabetes and premature heart disease has also shown its ugly head.  The easiest thing I can do to lower my risk in both areas is to shed a few pounds, not to mention that this little bulbous belly of mine gets in the way of uttanasana and every other forward bend.

I have also added some red markers to the calendar.  After writing about being still yesterday, I began thinking about what I could do to increase the stillness in my life.  The days marked in red are days I focus on pratyahara, dharana and dhyana.  You can hover your mouse over those days to find out why those are dhyana and pratyahara days.