Sacred Spaces

It seems somehow appropriate that this topic is on a Sunday.  As you may recall, I built a portable practice floor for myself.  I recently had one reader, Amy, mention that she was planning to build a floor herself and she asked about what kind of hinge I used for the floor.  She left a comment saying that she was heading out to pickup a piano hinge yesterday.  Very exciting!

As I mentioned two years ago in the entry titled Pressing Onward, I have come to feel that it is very important to have a dedicated space for your practice.  Of course, many of us cannot simply set aside a space for our practice, this is where mats and similar props can help define such a space, even if it is temporary.  I use a portable floor that I made to help with this.

There is another aspect to this:  The sacred nature of such spaces.  Now when people talk sacred spaces and yoga, they often think of Hinduism or Buddhism and rightly so.  That being the case, why on earth would I, a devoted Christian talk about such places?  Our bodies are, as the New Testament clearly teaches, temples.  They are temples daily housing our own spirits and we are the spirit children of God the Father.  The Holy Ghost also can dwell in each of use and so our bodies are again temples of God.  Keeping those thoughts in mind, it is clear that wherever we are should be a sacred space just by our own presence.