Teacher Training

You may have noticed something new in the left side bar.  After writing about my desire to become a certified Yoga teacher, I decided that I should take some action and give myself a visible means of measuring how I’m doing in that respect.  The result is the progress bar to the left which shows what percentage of my target goal of $4,000 I have saved.  My goal is to save $50 a week and at that rate I should reach my goal some time next May.  If I go with the Ananda training, then I could begin next summer some time and finish up in the spring of 2010.  If I go with the Amrit Desai training—which is my preference right now—I will be finished by the fall of 2010.  You will note that there are no Donate Here buttons.  That is because I am not asking for donations, just moral support.

I guess I should define what I mean by certified.  My expectation is to be a Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher.