Thinking Yoga

I simply cannot stop thinking about Yoga.  That is not a complaint by any means but it does have me somewhat concerned.  The reason is why I am thinking about Yoga constantly.  Last week my wife came home one evening and said, Piglet is thinking about having you teach Yoga at the Fit Club once in a while.  Then she says we can call you ‘Yoga Yeti Man!’  I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Yoga since and that has me concerned.  The potential reasons to be worried are many:

  1. The Fit Club is a Relief Society group in our ward.  Even with my wife there, it might raise eyebrows having me teach a Yoga class to a room full of women at the church.  This doesn’t worry me though as I really don’t care who is there.
  2. Teaching Yoga?  In a church!?  Bah, anyone that has spent any time on this site already knows that isn’t an issue for me.
  3. While I used to be limber as a wet noodle, I am now more like uncooked spaghetti.  How embarrassing!  Also not an issue for me personally.
  4. I am not certified.  I am certifiable but definitely not certified.  This does cause me some guilt, they deserve a certified teacher and while that is my goal, I simply am not there yet.  Still, that’s not my real concern.

In fact, none of those are my real concern.  No, my real concern is that I’ll enjoy it.  I am afraid that I’ll simply love teaching and that I’ll start thinking I’m some marvelous man and that people should respect me because I am so marvelous.  It’s not a long walk from there to thinking I’m better than other people.

Even worse and even more disconcerting is the notion that someone else might get the idea that I’m some great thing because I teach a Yoga class at the church now and then.  I have no desire to become someone’s guru, no desire to become a man of renown neither in my own eyes nor in the eyes of another.  Perhaps, if this becomes more than just the girls talking on the way home and if I keep this concern firmly before me, I will be able to avoid this pitfall now that I know it is just waiting to swallow me whole.