Where Have All The Sutras Gone?

Perhaps Sutras is too high an appellation to apply to my meager writings but Where Have All the Entries Gone is rather lack luster!  Then again, isn’t my wanting to have a catchy title for today’s entry just a little self-aggrandizing, a little greedy?  Truth be told, it probably is but I can’t think of anything better; if you can, drop me an email!

I started writing and practicing again back in May.  My asana practice has been somewhat regular—that’s a topic for another day—but my writing has been non-existent until today, why?  In the past I have almost always written somewhat regularly while I’ve practiced but not this summer.  There are a number of reasons but the main reason stems from two emails that I received in May.  The writer asked the following regarding my Yoga practice and my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints:

I know going to the extemes [sic] on anything is not good but how do you find the balance and not loose focus on the church?

My response was that first and foremost that I know that the doctrines of the LDS church are true.  I know it, God knows I know it and even if I had cause to lie about such a thing I would dare not.  As to how I actually mesh the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Yoga:  I use Yoga to keep me happy day to day—lower stress, better health—while using the scriptures and the Gospel to set my course and direction.  I wish now that I had written exactly those words because I rambled on a bit and I fear I may well have offended one who had written to me looking for reassurances that there is a way to balance the Gospel and Yoga.

Out of that concern, allow me to take this space to publicly apologize if I did indeed offend.  Offence was never my intent and if offence was taken, I am truly sorry and ashamed and would beg forgiveness.  That you asked me for support was a great honor but instead of being humbled, I became arrogant.  I felt as if I had all the answers and, to my shame, wrote as if I were someone of authority or of great import.  Even if I did not offend you, it was weak of me to feel so self-important.  I am sorry.

Therein lies the danger and the reason I haven’t written since May.  Call it ego, pride, vanity or arrogance in reality it is all stupidity and greed.  Stupid to believe that I am better than another when in reality I simply may have some experience that might benefit another.  How does that make me better?  What greed lies in my heart when I try to claim someone else’s success as my own?  Yes, they may have been helped to achieve their desire through learning from me but that does not lessen their success nor give me right to claim it for myself.  I should rather simply be content knowing that I helped another.