At Last!

Well, eating the half-meal for dinner worked wonders.  Honestly, it was very trying at first because the meal was delicious and I really wanted more.  This was compounded by the fact that I still felt very hungry.  Surprisingly enough, my hunger seems to have stayed at the table as it went away as soon as I stood up.  Practice was particularly rewarding.  Three sun salutations followed by vrksasana and svasana.  The first salutation was done rather quickly, checking to see where I was tight (everywhere) and where I felt at ease (not to be found today).  The second was more intense and slower.  Standing taller in tadasana or maintaining a better alignment of my spine in chaturanga dandasana  The final was even slower, holding each pose for five complete breaths.  Focusing on the breath this way really allowed me to draw inward and increased my sense of vitality as my breath quickly filled my lungs and then slowly drew off the spent energy as I exhaled (exhalation twice as long as inhalation).  Tonight I was reminded of the many reasons why I wanted to make Yoga a part of my life when I first started practicings the asanas.  What a grand way to end the day.