Yoga Day USA 2005

This event is scheduled for January 29, 2005.  What is Yoga Day USA?

Yoga Alliance launched Yoga Day USA in 1999, first as a fund raiser, then as a means to build awareness of Yoga throughout the community. This year, Yoga Alliance is sponsoring out largest campaign ever to reach out to the country at large. Yoga Alliance is encouraging registered Yoga teachers, studios, schools and other organizations to build awareness of the benefits of Yoga by hosting events that are FREE to draw in new students or to raise money for a cause of their choosing.

In other words, it’s a day of either free workshops to encourage people to try Yoga or it’s a day of pay to play workshops where the proceeds are donated to a worthy cause.  I know of at least one Yoga Day USA workshop that will be raising money for tsunami relief.  If, like me, you are no where near a Yoga Day USA workshop location, consider hosting your own workshop for family or friends.  Also, don’t let the lack of a cause related workshop near you stop you from donating funds to a worthy cause.  You can always donate to the Red Cross/Red Crescent or to my personal favorite relief organization, Humanitarian Services.