For the past seven weeks, I have been part of an eight week community education hatha yoga class.  After last night’s class, I’m going to cut my participation in the class short.  Topics for last night’s class:  Child abuse, gun legislation, benefits/drawbacks of home schooling and all boys/girls classes, a failed attempt at discussing Marxist ideology, problems with landlords, favorite novels…oh, did I mention that this is a hatha yoga class?  I have other issues with the class but they are inconsequential when compared with the lack of focus in the class where social discussion was more important than maintaining the flow of the class.  I’ve been reluctant to write here because my discontent with this class has pervaded my thoughts constantly.

So, the first crossroad is obviously my leaving the community education class a week early.  The other is that Shanna has finally started practicing with me.  Having someone else with whom I can practice makes a huge difference in my asana practice, of course practicing with Shanna means practicing with Jillian.  Want to add some happiness to your asana practice?  Practice with a toddler in the room!