Yoga Fashions

My Yoga news page links an article that takes a look at Yoga fashion.  There is no doubt that Yoga is becoming a trendy new market niche.  Open the latest issue of Yoga Journal and one can’t help but notice the clothing advertisements.  Run a Google search for yoga clothes watch the links scroll.  I’m not against the marketing aspect of Yoga fashion as it does help put Yoga in front of a wider audience, not to mention that it helps subsidize my Yoga Journal subscription.  The more I think of it though, the more I agree with this statement from the article:

Some yogis from the old school see an inherent contradiction in yoga fashion.  They say yoga is a state of mind, a way of life even, which fosters emotional and physical balance.  It is attained, they say, by focusing on what’s inside.

Reenie D’Andrea, a teacher at Brickell Yoga, has reminded students during class not to obsess over their outfits.

“Yoga is about dissolving the ego,” D’Andrea said.  “It’s a spiritual thing with an inward bent.  Yogis have one eye looking inward and one eye looking outward, not two eyes looking outward at clothing.”

I’ve always felt that the clothing we wear, for asana practice or otherwise, is somewhat like a fishing lure.  Who, if anyone, are you trying to catch?