The Silence Breaks

This is the entry that I’ve dreaded and yet one I’ve needed most to make.  Last Fall I requested information about certifying as an instructor so I could teach others and help them enjoy the benefits of Yoga.  I was told that as soon as a bit of information could be gathered, I would receive the requested information and could then begin my preparations to complete the certification.  Naturally, every such instructor has the right to accept whom they will and maybe that is what happened to me but I never received the requested information.  I had supposed that the instructor I had approached was merely waiting until his life had settled down a bit as he had just moved his family to a new home.  I purposely signed up for another of his beginning classes to provide the chance for face to face discussion only to learn that he had found a replacement and would no longer be teaching the community education classes.

This turn of events pulled the wind from my sails.  I know that teaching is one of the things I have to do in this life and so I began looking for another way to certify.  As there aren’t many studios and no schools or ashrams in Utah, it is hard to find someone who is able let alone willing to provide the training needed for one to become a teacher.  As such, I began looking elsewhere and so stumbled upon Amrit Yoga.  It will likely take much more time for me to be able to begin teacher training by going this route but that is a price I am more than willing to pay.