The Return

I’ve decided to start the EDY Blog back up.  The Whinery just didn’t seem to be the best place to write about my Yoga experiences.

In March 2002 I wrote about my first experience practicing with a mat.  At the time I was not sure whether I really liked it or not and I never managed to write what I finally decided.  There are definitely still things that I don’t like about using a mat (like my chest or back sticking to it in prone poses) but I prefer practicing with a mat for the stability in standing poses.  Actually, I have to say that I preferred practicing with a mat but I’ll get to that in a moment.  My youngest son, George, has been having trouble dealing with his anger.  I figured that if Yoga can help put me on an even keel, it could help George.  The only problem was that George didn’t see Yoga as anything other than another form of punishment right up there with being sent to his room.  I did some fast thinking and asked George if he wanted to use my mat or, rather, his new mat.  That was on Thursday and he’s been practicing with me since…at least until his attention is called away by something else, he is only four after all.

Well, with George being the proud new owner of my mat, I needed a new one.  JC, the continuing education hatha yoga instructor, happened to mention that Hugger Mugger is located in Salt Lake somewhere and that he needed to get up there to get a new mat.  I looked up the Hugger Mugger site and found that they were located about a block from where I work.  I came home Friday with a new Tapas Mat and a practice rug.  I use the rug over the mat (the mat keeps the rug from slipping) and now I have a non-slip surface that doesn’t stick to me.