Apr 2

Note, I’ve added entries back to the 28th of March.

This morning was the first extended (about an hour) early morning practice that I’ve done for a while.  I really wish that I could do Yoga all day long.  It calms me and feels as if someone has wrapped me in a soft warm quilt.  It’s beginning to sound a bit repetitive, every time I write about Yoga I sound so overly enthusiastic about it, as if I were writing about some new toy at Christmas.  Yet, Yoga is exactly like that for me.  Every time I practice it’s as if I had discovered something fantastic and thrilling anew.  Today I loved Warrior I and II (Virabhadrasana I and Virabhadrasana II) and Tree Pose (Vrkshasana).  As the exalted warrior (Warrior I) I felt immense joy fill me and spill into the space around me.  Proud Warrior (Warrior II) brought me strength and confidence.  I knew that I could and would conquer/absorb everything that sought to hinder me or cause me to suffer.  Best of all was Tree Pose.  A powerful quietness surged from the earth beneath me and soared around me.  Although I stood in my basement and it was dark outside, I felt as if I were an enormous oak bathed in sunlight on a gently grassy knoll.  Is it any wonder that I wish I could spend all day in Yoga?