Private Yoga Nidra


You’ve experienced the power of Yoga Nidra and now want to explore it more or perhaps you’ve heard about the benefits of Yoga Nidra and want to experience them yourself.  Either way, private Yoga Nidra sessions are a powerful way to harness the mind and create dramatic change in your life.  Together we will explore your intention and I will design personal Yoga Nidra sessions specifically designed to strengthen your intention and draw focus away from those things which create obstacles for you.  Start your personal Yoga Nidra journey today by scheduling a Private Yoga Nidra session.

All sessions are 90 minutes

Special Private (1-3 people) Offerings

  • Single Session, $60
  • Six Week Stress Reduction, 6 sessions, $330
  • My Unique Purpose, 7 sessions, $385
  • Non-series pricing

Special Group (4 or more people) Offerings

Recording Sessions

All session may be recorded as an MP3 for your repeated use.

  • $25 per session
  • $10 per session if permission given to redistribute online